Tips to Improve Security on Your Metal Garage Doors

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Your garage stores one of your family’s most expensive items, your car. The entire structure should therefore be kept safe from thieves and other crooks, and this objective can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Some require you to invest small amounts of money, whereas others simply involve taking common-sense steps to minimize thieves’ chances of getting to your car, or cars. Here are some simple ways to boost the security of your metal garages.

metal garage Tips to Improve Security on Your Metal Garage Doors

You should always try to remember to take your garage door remote control from inside your car. This should be done regardless of whether you are going into your office building, or simply walking into a store on your way home. If a thief gets the remote, they will have easy access into your garage, and potentially even your home. This is the simplest way to lose all items of value inside your garage.A useful way to go about securing your remote is to throw away the clip-on remote that goes on your car visors, and start using a remote opener that can be attached to your keychain. This way, you will always have the remote with you, and you will no longer have to worry about forgetting it in one place or another. This simple trick can save you a lot of hassle later on.

One of the ways thieves commonly use to enter a garage is to use a piece of metal to engage the emergency release that many metal garages have on their doors. By using a few zip-ties to lock the disengaging arm to the automatic opener, you will basically ensure that crooks will not be able to open the door while you are away. In case of emergency, a harder yank will break the ties, and allow you to exit the garage safely.

Another important security aspect, which comes into full play if your metal garage shares a door with your house, is to keep this passage way bolted all the time. The inconvenience of having to use a key every time you come home is nothing compared to having to replace all of your jewelries and electronics, after a thief is done with your home.

A common-sense measure to take is to close your garage door when it is not in use. You would be surprised at just how many people keep these doors open at all times. Such an opened door is an invitation to all thieves within a few miles to come and check out what you have to offer. It is also worthy to note here that good neighbourhoods are always a prime target for criminals of any kind, primarily because people are too confident in others here.

If you have purchased a metal garage that features windows on its main doors, you should consider covering them up, or using special frosting to make them opaque. Oftentimes, crooks will scout out the area they are planning to attack beforehand, and windows are an easy way to figure out whether or not you have anything worth stealing. As an alternative to natural lightning, you could run an electricity cable to your garage, and use a standard light bulb

As an added measure, you should periodically check the hinges of the doors for signs of corrosion. This natural process can weaken metal, although it primarily affects non-galvanized steel. If you have purchased a garage from the UK market, chances are that the material has already been treated against corrosion and the elements. However, make sure to check with your retailer on whether or not that is actually the case.

These are just a few steps you can take to minimize your chances of being robed. As an exercise, you could try putting yourself in thieves’ shoes, and try to identify any week points from their perspective. This should help you figure out where extra work is needed.

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